Account Settings

The Account Settings module provides a centralized location for all essential information regarding your company, employees, customers, and vehicles.

Account Settings from DriverUp system with features such as Profile, Company Details and Services; then Profiles with each code, name, email, role and action (to delete).

Key Advantages

Centralized Management of Company & User Data

With the Account Settings module, all of your company and user information is stored in one central location, making it easy to manage and access. This helps to reduce errors, improve data accuracy, and increase productivity by enabling you to quickly update and access vital information.

Streamlined Services Customization

The Services feature allows you to customize and manage the services that your operation offers. This helps you to ensure that the services offered are tailored to your customer needs, and enables you to provide accurate quotes and estimates based on your operational capabilities.

Efficient Customer Management

The Customers feature enables you to create and manage customer profiles, including multiple addresses, contact information, invoice settings, and more. This feature helps you to keep your customer data organized and easily accessible, enabling you to provide a better customer experience.

Simplified Vehicle & Driver Management

The Vehicles and Drivers features help you to manage all relevant information about your fleet and drivers, including license and certification information, vehicle maintenance records, and driver availability. This makes it easier to plan and optimize your fleet operations, improving efficiency and reducing downtime.

Increased Data Security & Compliance

The Account Settings module provides a high level of data security and compliance with VAT regulations, enabling you to store and access sensitive information securely. This helps to ensure that your data is protected and that you are compliant with local regulations, reducing the risk of fines and penalties.

Account Settings from DriverUp TMS with all the details as it appears in the system - Profiles, Company Details, Services, Customers, Vehicles, Drivers, Contract Hire, Subcontractors and Depots; with created Profiles and Roles option.

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