DriverUp App

The DriverUp App is specifically designed to cater to the needs of professional drivers, providing them with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for them to manage their daily work activities. By providing all the necessary features in one place, the DriverUp App makes it easy for drivers to plan their workday, track their progress, and receive notifications about changes to their jobs or workday activities.

DriverUp App snapshot showing the haulier company with job number, delivery date and time. With options to upload an image from scanner, library, camera or cancel. And buttons to apply seal, signature, POD or Depart.

Key Advantages

Improved Efficiency

The DriverUp App allows drivers to complete several tasks in one place, such as clocking in and out, completing vehicle checks, executing jobs, and creating invoices. This streamlines the process and reduces the need for manual paperwork and processes, leading to greater efficiency and time savings.

Real-time Updates

With the DriverUp App, drivers receive notifications in real-time about any changes to their job, vehicle or trailer assignments, or other important updates. This allows for greater transparency and collaboration between drivers and dispatchers, improving communication and reducing errors.

Enhanced Compliance

The module includes features such as workday diaries and timesheets, which help drivers and companies remain compliant with regulations such as the Hours of Service rules. The module also allows for accurate tracking of driver activity and job completion, which can help companies avoid compliance issues and penalties.

Increased Safety

By requiring drivers to complete vehicle checks and report any defects, the module helps ensure that vehicles are in safe working condition. This can help reduce the risk of accidents and improve overall safety for drivers and other road users.

Better Control and Oversight

By having access to real-time information on driver activities, including clock in/out times, vehicle checks, job progress, and timesheets, owners can ensure that their drivers are operating efficiently and effectively, as well as meeting safety and compliance requirements. The app also allows for quick and easy assignment of jobs to drivers, with automatic updates to the web portal, reducing the need for manual data entry and paperwork.

DriverUp App | Features

Clock In/Out

Vehicle Checks

Change Vehicle & Trailer

Add Fuel Receipt

Rectify Defects

Workday Diary

Receive & Execute Jobs





30 Days Money Back Guarantee!

If after the first 30 days of using DriverUp you decide it's not for you, we'll reimburse you. No hard feelings!