Traffic Diary

Create and manage jobs with necessary details to create a clear workday for your drivers.

Snapshot from the DriverUp TMS app of the Traffic Diary feature

Jobs Entry

Entry essential data for new jobs and accounts, then use the Price Calculator and Custom Extra Tariffs to work out the final job price.

Jobs List

See jobs sorted with all recorded data and statuses ranging from Pending to Marked for Invoice.

Jobs Allocation

Allocate jobs to your drivers easily, as they are uploaded to their apps with all the need-to-know information.

Address Finder

Operators can use Google Maps from inside the system to find and save addresses for future use.

Live Job Activity

Be on top of anything coming up with visibility to all activities taken to ensure the job's completion.

Proof of Delivery

Send digital PODs with pictures and signature, which are immediately uploaded in the system.

Snapshot from the DriverUp TMS app of the Organizer feature


See the full week view of vehicles and drivers allocation with their current status.

Drivers Availability List

View the daily list with all available drivers, organized by license type and vehicle day drive. Sort it by Day/Night to change the dataset.


See the availability of your drivers, color coded for each status (booked, in progress, completed, swapsie, sick/holiday/NA)

Drivers Allocation

Create the workday by allocating drivers to vehicles - by choosing starting time and trailer; add multiple jobs, plan the route and see the driver's activity.

Vehicle Maintenance

See vehicle checks history, set reminders for inspection and maintenance. Mark vehicle as VOR, place reminders for PMI, keep record of annual MOT bookings.

Clock In/Out Approval

Easily work through the process of approval as operators get instant notify from drivers and can approve the date & time of clock in/out.

Account Settings

Everything your business interacts with, under one tab, with readily available info.

Snapshot from the DriverUp TMS app of the Account Settings feature


Create profiles for your employees with their necessary info, set roles & permissions.

Company Details

Store all necessary details of your company including logo, bank, and VAT compliant tax codes.


Customize your services according to what your operation focuses taking into account the services you offer.


Have info ready and reusable at an instant with in-depth details like setting up invoice settings, multiple addresses, customer portal and many more.


Manage your fleet's info including vehicles, trailers and checks for both. All info about them is aggregated from the system to be shown under one tab.


Have complete visibility on all relevant information about your drivers, including license info, Tacho & CPS/DQC cards among general info.

Snapshot from the DriverUp TMS app of the Live Activity portal

Live Activity

Have visibility and control over how the daily progress is going. Stay informed at all times.

Clock In/Out

See notifications for when drivers clock in & clock out of their shifts.

Vehicle Checks

Access daily vehicle checks and receive an email with pictures as PDF if any defect is found.

Job Transparency

Have visibility of the job in progress with notifications and live updates sent from the driver.

Job Completion

Your client is sent an email automatically with information about the Job being complete, with a POD and Signature.


Manage invoices quickly and easily, check timesheets and reports, without any errors.

Snapshot from the DriverUp TMS app of the Finance feature

Marked for Invoice

Select all your marked for invoice jobs and generate invoices for each with just one click.


Create, manage & send invoices to your customers - choose if to send as single or multi batch among other options.


Keep your payroll in control with automatically created timesheets by the approved clock in/out of your drivers.


View and manage reports for customers, jobs, subcontractors and vehicles.

Snapshot from the DriverUp TMS app of the driver's app

DriverUp App

Use the app to give your drivers the perfect tool to do their job easily and correctly.

Clock In/Out

Driver's workday starts and ends with Clock In/Out as their first and last actions.

Vehicle Checks

Run checks from in-app following your own set structure, using a timer, notes, pictures, and reporting defects.

Change Vehicle & Trailer

Set up the vehicle or trailer change straight from the app, updating the info in the Web Portal automatically.

Add Fuel Receipt

Work in the cost of fuel straight from in-app to calculate your spending more easily.

Rectify Defects

Any defects found in the vehicle checks can be amended into the system, with a driver's note for reference.

Workday Diary

Drivers see all the details of the day including start time, vehicle, trailer, checks report, activity, Tacho and all the jobs allocated.

Receive & Execute Jobs

Send jobs on the app where drivers can follow the completion process with clarity and transparency.


Receive notifications for any changes to a job and from the workday activities of the driver.


View weekly timesheets to check in the hours and approved clock in/out details of each day.


Self employed drivers can create weekly invoices by click of a button based on approved clock in/outs.

Customer Portal

Give your customers complete visibility on the progress of the job and their invoices.

Snapshot from the DriverUp TMS app of the Customer Portal

Jobs List

Have access to all jobs since starting to use Driver Up, helping you catch problems and solve resolutions quickly.

Job Details

Check in-depth info on each job's details with added activities log and attachments.

Email Settings

Set up your portal to get emails or in-system notifications with any important info about the job.


Receive and download invoices through the portal, with clear details about them.

Snapshot from the DriverUp TMS app of the Support feature


Get all the help you need to integrate and use DriverUp efficiently in your operation.


Learn all you need to know quickly and without effort. We'll help you onboard your employees to our system.

Create Tickets

Use our support team 24/7 to solve any issues you might have. Just create a ticket and we'll take it from there.

In-App Training

Watch short 1 minute videos that explain how to use every feature of the app accordingly.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee!

If after the first 30 days of using DriverUp you decide it's not for you, we'll reimburse you. No hard feelings!