The Organizer module is designed to help you manage your transport operations with maximum efficiency and organization.

Organizer from DriverUp TMS with the main details - calendar, driver's tab with details start time and tether, and Clock In/Out button

Key Advantages

Efficient Scheduling

The Calendar feature of the Organizer module allows transport managers to efficiently schedule and track driver and vehicle availability, as well as job assignments and deliveries. This helps to optimize routing and minimize unnecessary downtime, ultimately leading to greater productivity and profitability.

Simplified Resource Allocation

The Drivers Allocation feature provides a clear and concise overview of available drivers, their current assignments, and their availability for upcoming jobs. This makes it easier to allocate resources efficiently and to avoid overloading drivers, leading to improved driver satisfaction and reduced turnover.

Streamlined Maintenance Management

The Vehicle Maintenance feature allows transport managers to set up reminders for scheduled maintenance tasks and track vehicle repair history. This helps to reduce downtime due to breakdowns and ensure that vehicles are well-maintained and operate efficiently, reducing repair costs and prolonging vehicle life.

Improved Time Management

The Clock In/Out Approval feature enables drivers to easily record their working hours and obtain approval from management. This streamlines the payroll process and ensures accurate time tracking, reducing the potential for errors and saving valuable time.

Enhanced Communication

The Drivers Availability List feature provides a centralized location for transport managers to view the availability of drivers and vehicles. This facilitates better communication between management and drivers, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and reducing the risk of miscommunication or missed assignments.

Organizer from DriverUp TMS with all the details as it appears in the system - drivers profies, calendar, map, details for each allocated driver with start time, trailer, job nr, customer, collection, date/time, add button and timeline.

Organiser | Features

Drivers Availability List


Drivers Allocation

Vehicle Maintenance

Clock In/Out Approval


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